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From home inspections to exterminations and bed bug heat treatment, we’ve got you covered.

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Our team of experts consists of a collective 40 years of experience.

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Owasso Pest Control

Ant Control

While ants may seem relatively harmless, you can easily get an infestation as they subtly start a trail from outside, and make their way through cracks to the inside of your home, where they have found some kind of tasty treat to help feed the colony. Our team of Tulsa ant control specialists will diagnose the problem and find a solution.

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Termite Treatment

While termites are interesting to learn about, they are actually dangerous. There may be more things than the wood in your home at risk when these creatures are around.

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Bed Bug Treatment

A lot of people think that having bed bugs in their Tulsa home is a sign that things are filthy and haven’t been cleaned in a while, but this is not actually the case. Even if your home is squeaky clean, bed bugs can make their way into any place where their food source is readily accessible. We provide bed bug heat treatment to rid your home of bed bugs.

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