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Termites have been around for a really long time, and it doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether they are in your home feasting on wooden beams, or they are in Africa constructing gigantic mounds, there is no doubt that this is a very interesting insect to look into.

Interesting Facts About Termites

A lot of people only know about the basic behavior of termites, but there are actually a whole lot of fascinating behavioral traits that make these creatures one of a kind. Some of these not-so-known facts include:

Termites Are Blind — Nearly every termite in every species is completely blind.  Termites spend most of their time underground, so there is no need to use their eyesight. The only termites that really need to see are the ones that can reproduce. This is so they have the ability to fly around, find new places to nest, and new mates mate with.

Termites Are Decomposers — Termites have a particular talent for breaking down plant fibers that are really durable, and then recycling them into brand-new soil. In the forest, termites are actually quite helpful and are really important for making sure our forests stay healthy. They do this by tunneling through the ground and aerating the soil.

Termites Eat Feces — Termites engage in something called trophallaxis, which is otherwise known as, eating each other’s feces. Believe it or not, they actually have a reason for this. Before a termite can start eating through lots of wood, these little guys have to gain enough microorganisms for their digestive tracts to work properly. This process is extremely important in the life of termites.

Termites Care About How They Look

You wouldn’t think that a blind, feces-eating insect would care about how they look, but they actually care about it quite a lot. During the day, termites will spend a lot of time grooming each other so that they stay clean. If they don’t do this, harmful bacteria and other parasites would get out of control in the colony, so it’s crucial for their survival.

The Dangers Of Termites


While termites are interesting to learn about, they are actually dangerous. There may be more things than the wood in your home at risk when these creatures are around. Some of these dangers include:

Allergic Reactions 

Because homes usually have airconditioning or heating systems, the particles that are in termite nests are able to spread throughout your entire home. For those who have severe allergies or asthma, these particles that are airborne can be extremely irritating.


If a soldier termite feels attacked, it can sometimes sting or bite you. This is not fatal, but the bite can be very painful.


Because termites love humid and damp places where there is usually a lot of mold, spores from the mold can easily be released. If these spores are inhaled, it can cause health concerns.

At the end of the day, and all of the facts, termites are not insects that should not be able to have free reign in your home. If you want a solution to your termite problem, contact us today!