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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs have been on this planet for a very long time, and aren’t showing signs of going anywhere anytime soon. 


Most people have had encounters with bed bugs, and not just in dodgy hotels. While a lot of people think that these pests only show up in dirty cluttered environments, they can actually be found in the cleanest and tidiest places. 


But what are some other interesting facts about these pests, and what are the dangers of an untreated infestation? Read on to find out more. 


Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs 


Bed Bugs Are Good At Hiding — In order to survive, bed bugs have to be smart and know how to hide in plain sight. They camouflage themselves in the daytime by hiding in box springs, electrical switch plates, mattress crevices, in wallpaper, picture frames and inside your pillowcases. 


In the evening while we are sleeping, we exhale carbon dioxide that draws them out of hiding and leads them right to their dinner. 


Bed Bugs Live Wherever They Want — Bed bugs don’t just want to hang out in dingy places. They love to hang out in apartments, family homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, shopping malls, and pretty much everywhere else humans like to hang out. 


Bed Bugs Are Anesthesiologists — Most of us would think that any kind of bug bite would cause at least some amount of pain or irritation, but bed bugs have figured out a way around this. 


These pests are able to increase blood flow to where they are biting because their saliva acts as an anesthetic. This process makes their feeding time quick, easy and painless so we never even notice it until much later. 


Dangers Of A Bed Bug Infestation 


Thankfully, bed bugs don’t usually transmit any kind of dangerous diseases, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any health risks.


The health issue that is most common with bed bug infestations is the itching after a bite. Welts or red bumps are able to form on the skin a short time after the bite has been administered, but sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to show. 


If the scratching after a bite goes on long enough, you could be at risk of infection. If there are any signs of infection after excessive scratching and irritation, you would need to seek out medical attention immediately. 


Above being dangerous, however, bed bugs are mostly just a nuisance. Treating the bites you receive, less sleep than normal, and going to the doctor to check on risks of infection can all cause a big disruption to your life. 


There are many options to consider when dealing with an intrusive infestation of these inconvenient little invaders. First and foremost, remember to be very meticulous in your efforts to eliminate their presence. Decrease clutter and dismantle bed frames to better get rid of extra hiding spaces for these little pests. 


Another key thing to remember is that bed bugs cannot survive in extreme heat so washing your linens and garments in high heat in the washer and even throwing fabrics into an increased heated cycle in the dryer can do the trick. Overall, just remember to be thorough.


If you are having problems with a bed bug infestation, contact us today!