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Bag Worms & Web Worms

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Web Worms

Signs & Symptoms


Webworms are originally larvae that begin to create nests in trees forming a web around leaves and tree branches. Webworms eventually become moths after several weeks. Web worms typically begin to show up in trees around late summer early fall. They typically encase leaves with loosely spun silk. They then begin to expand and envelope entire branches. They don’t cause major tree damage, however they can be an eye sore and cumbersome to have in your yard.

Bag Worms

Signs & Symptoms


Bagworms are different between male and female. The males after 4 weeks turn into moths and mate with the females that stay as worms and are in the bagworm cocoon.  The males mate through the bag and that causes the bag to continue to grow and multiply. Bagworms are different than webworms. They form more of a coned like shape at the bottom of a branch. They start small, almost looking like a Christmas tree ornament and grow from there. Bagworms are very damaging to the tree. First the leaves will begin to die, then it can spread to the entire tree and cause the tree to die as well. It is important to get these bagworm areas treated promptly so you can keep your tree healthy and green.

tulsa bagworm control



Here at Elite Home Pest Services we provide bagworm and webworm pest control. The treatments we use are cutting edge and extremely effective. Webworms and especially bagworms can be damaging to not only the aesthetics of your trees, but also the health of them. All three of the treatments we use are trunk injections. Below are the three treatments and the way they are used.


  •  TREE-äge®- Is a trunk Injection that should be applied in the spring when bagworms typically appear. This treatment provides protection from bagworms for  2 years


  • ACE-jet- This is a trunk injection that should be applied when you notice leaf injury or the bags are first observed. One application is sufficient to control bag worms for 3-5 weeks


  • Azasol- is an insect growth regulator and feeding deterrent. This can be applied as a trunk injection as well as soil drench or foliar spray.


If you are in need of webworm or bagworm removal, contact us today! We would love to do an inspection and help rid your trees of these annoying pests.

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